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Test #4 Review The test will cover Chapters 13, 26, 27 and 31 Chapter 13 Know the basic characteristics of prokaryotes vs eukaryotes Know how viruses are classified Know the difference between the lytic and lysogenic cycle Know the basics of how prokaryotes exchange genes Understand Koch’s postulates Chapter 26 Know the basic characteristics of the three domains and which ones are more closely related. Know the classification of prokaryotes according to the ability to withstand oxygen (e.g. aerotolerant, facultative anaerobe) Know the nutritional categories of prokaryotes Know the basic colors of the gram stain Know how prokaryotes reproduce
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 27 Know the organisms that cause disease that are in the notes and that we discussed in class Know the major characteristics of the major groups of protists (i.e. radiolarians--glassy exoskeletons) Know what habitats protists are found in For the organisms, you are only responsible for knowing the phylums for those organisms that are on the lab handout Chapter 31 Know the three Divisions of Fungi that are covered in lab in terms of the structures that formed during asexual and sexual reproduction. Know how fungi obtain nutrients Understand the difference between mycorrhizae and lichens...
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