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Study guide for lecture 7: Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation Chapter 13 What kinds of incentives can be differentiated? Can incentives relate to activities themselves or only to action outcomes and their consequences? How did DeCharms model of personal causation contribute to the more recent theory of self-determination by Deci and Ryan? Explain the construct of individual interest. What is equifinality and what is multifinality? How do intrinsic and extrinsic motivations relate to learning goal orientation and performance goal orientation? What is meant by thematic similarity (endogeny, congruence) between action and action
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Unformatted text preview: goal? Describe the propositions of self-determination theory. Under which conditions can intrinsic motivation be undermined by extrinsic reinforcement (refer also to lecture for this question)? Do token-reinforcement programs undermine intrinsic motivation for school activities and why? Describe the Purpose-Oriented Model of Rational Behavior and what activity-related incentives add to it. How does expertise in an activity help to resist the potential undermining effects of material rewards on intrinsic motivation? What is the flow hypothesis of motivational competence?...
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