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Study Guide for Lecture 8 Motivation and Volition in the Course of Action Chapter 11 What do these verbs refer to according to the action-phase model discussed by Gollwitzer: “choose”, “plan”, “enact”, and “evaluate?” Define the terms “goal striving” and “goal setting” according to Lewin and discuss the difference between the two. What is “will psychology” and when and where was it conducted? Describe the shifts between goal setting and goal striving in the history of motivational psychology. What is “choice motivation” and what is “control motivation” according to Kuhl? What is the key component of control motivation according to Kuhl’s control theory? In what way does the Rubicon model of action phases integrate goal setting and goal striving, and what is the role of the temporal sequence in this? What are the three major inter-phase transitions in the Rubicon model?
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Study+Guide+for+Lecture+8+Volition - Study Guide for...

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