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Study Guide for Lecture 9 Development of Motivation – Motivation of Development Chapter 15 What is the difference between a child’s conception of competence and a conception of ability according to Heinz Heckhausen’s chapter? Why is centering on a self-produced outcome important for the development of achievement motivation? What is the age period during which a critical transition during which the child learns to focus on a self-produced action outcome and to attribute it to his/her own competence? What did the experiments have the children do in the Heckhausen & Roelofsen “competition study?” What are the key characteristics of children’s pride reactions after success and of shame reactions after failure? Which three covariation dimensions (reference norms) in Kelley’s model are important for the perception of task difficulty and causes for obtaining success in a task? How can one infer task difficulty from intra-individual comparison information and how can one infer it from social (inter-individual) comparison information? Which type of comparison information (intra-individual or inter-individual) is easier to
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Study+Guide+for+Lecture+9Develop - Study Guide for Lecture...

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