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HUMAN PROBLEM SOLVING 11/03/2010 LECTURE STUDY QUESTIONS The questions do not necessarily follow the order that they were or will be discussed in class. Also a number of these will come up after this week. L.65. Suppose four cards each depict a colored shape. The shape is either a diamond or a circle, and the color is either black or white. I pick a particular one of the colors and a particular one of the shapes, but you do not know which ones I picked. I define a "THOG" as a card which either has my color or my shape, but not both. Your job is to say which cards are THOGs. I'll help you. The black diamond is a THOG. What, if anything, can you conclude about the other three cards? L.66. On an island there are two groups of people, Ts and Fs. Ts tell the truth always and Fs always tell lies. Suppose you pick an English speaking native, without knowing their group, and you ask them "What group are you in? What can you predict about the person’s answer? L.67. A logical wizard offers to allow you one statement that is true or false. He gives a set $10 reward for a false statement and an amount other than $10 for a true statement. Which statement compels the wizard to give you a trillion dollars? L.68. What do the letters in TOTE stand for in Miller, Galanter, and Pribram’s theory. (It’s in the book as well as the lecture)? L.69.
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