HPSLSQL1L21 - 09/27/2010 Human Problem Solving 143P Dr....

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09/27/2010 Human Problem Solving 143P Dr. Batchelder Lecture Study Questions (LSQ#1) Lecture (L) Series THIS IS THE FIRST BATCH OF LECTURE STUDY QUESTIONS. NOTE THESE QUESTIONS ARE NOT ALWAYS IN THE ORDER THAT I COVERED THEM IN LECTURE. THESE QUESTIONS WILL BE COVERED IN THE FIRST TWO LECTURES. . L1.Consider the sequence 1, 4, 13, 40, 121, 364, X, . ... What is a simple rule that could explain the sequence? Why would be invalid to assert that X= 1093 is necessarily the next term in the series? (Hint: Series extension is based on rules that are simple for humans but not on logical necessity). L2.In the “bookworm” problem, there is a bookshelf filled in the ordinary way by ten volumes of an encyclopedia numbered 1 to 10. Each volume has 100 pages counting the front cover as page one, etc. The bookworm eats through the first page of the first volume on through the last page of the last volume. How many pieces of paper did he eat through? What were the insights needed to solve the problem? How did I explain why so few people get the problem? L3.How did I suggest continuing the next three letters of the sequence: OTTFFSS__ __ __? L4. Why did I conclude that it is impossible to draw a perfect map of England while living in a London flat (apartment)? What was the difference between drawing a ‘perfect map’ of England sitting in a London flat verses doing the same thing in a New York City pad? L5. What was the natural way I showed for continuing the sequence A
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HPSLSQL1L21 - 09/27/2010 Human Problem Solving 143P Dr....

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