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HUMAN PROBLEM SOLVING 11/16/2010 LECTURE STUDY QUESTIONS L.99. A boy drives the family car home after being at the beach. When he parks the car his Dad is waiting by the curb and a conversation ensues. Boy: "The serf was great." Dad: "The car is dirty." I explained that according to "speech act theory" Dad's message coveys three levels of information. What were they? Answer: Propositional level- a fact; Illocutionary level- an intention or suggestion to the listener; Perlocutionary level- reveals an emotional state of the speaker. L.100. In what essential way do the "bit" and the "chunk" differ as units of information? (Hint: I used the words ‘public’ and ‘private’. L.101.Roughly define Miller's notion of the "chunk." What is meant by the notion that there is a bottle neck in comprehension of 7+/- 2 chunks? L.102. Chess masters and beginners studied various configurations of chess pieces set up on a chess board for five seconds, and then they tried to reset the board positions
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