HPSTSQChs.6to9.2010 - Human Problem Solving 143P Study...

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11/04/2010 Human Problem Solving 143P Study Questions (SQ) Mayer (M) Series General: Study the notions on General #4 that overlap those notions discussed in chapter 6, they are also eligible for the final exam. Chapter 6 M.6.1 In Box 6-1, a transcript between a therapist and a patient is exhibited. What is interesting about how it was generated? M.6.2 In what sense is the computer-simulation approach to problem solving a refinement of the associationistic view of thinking? M.6.3 In the cybernetic perspective, what do the concepts of feedback loop and hierarchical structure refer to? M.6.4 What is a TOTE ? How can complex behaviors be built out of TOTEs? M.6.5 According to Mayer, what differentiates the fields of artificial intelligence and computer simulation ? M.6.6 What is "Turing Test" and what is it a "test" of? M.6.7 In Greeno's memory model for problem solving, what is the difference between the three memory components: short-term memory, long-term memory, and working memory? M.6.8 Be sure to study the key concepts in means-end analysis 186-194 that are also on General #4. M.6.9 What sort of thing is a "Production System"? What differentiates "procedural knowledge" from "declarative knowledge"? Chapter 7 M.7.1 How do the simple reaction time, discrimination reaction time, and choice reaction time tasks differ? How did Donders argue that the average time to make a simple discrimination could be inferred from data in reaction time tasks? M.7.2
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HPSTSQChs.6to9.2010 - Human Problem Solving 143P Study...

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