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Sheet1 Page 1 TOPIC about_Break SHORT DESCRIPTION Describes a statement you can use to immediately exit Foreach, For, While, Do, or Switch statements. LONG DESCRIPTION When a Break statement appears in a loop, such as a Foreach, For, Switch, or While loop, the Break statement causes Windows PowerShell to immediately exit the loop. In a Switch construct that does not loop, Break causes Windows PowerShell to exit the Switch code block. A Break statement can include a label that lets you exit embedded loops. A label can specify any loop keyword, such as Foreach, For, or While, in a script. When you use a label, Break exits the specified loop. Break exits the specified loop, regardless of which loop the Break statement is in. The following example shows how to use a Break statement to exit a For statement: for($i=1 $i -le 10 $i++) { Write-Host $i break } In this example, the Break statement exits the For loop when the $i variable equals 1. Even though the For statement evaluates to True until $i is greater than 10, Windows PowerShell reaches the break statement the first time the For loop is run. It is more common to use the Break statement in a loop where an inner condition must be met. Consider the following Foreach statement example: $i=0 $varB = 10,20,30,40 foreach ($val in $varB) { $i++ if ($val -eq 30) { break } }
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about_Break.help - TOPIC about_Break SHORT DESCRIPTION...

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