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Sheet1 Page 1 TOPIC about_Command_Syntax SHORT DESCRIPTION Describes the notation used for Windows PowerShell syntax in Help. LONG DESCRIPTION The Get-Help cmdlet displays the parameter usage for a cmdlet. The Get-Help cmdlet uses the following special symbols: Angle brackets (<>) indicate placeholder text. Brackets ([]) indicate optional items. Braces ({}) indicate a choice among values. Some cmdlets have more than one set of parameters. Distinct parameter sets can share some parameters. The Get-Help cmdlet displays all the parameter sets for a cmdlet. You can find additional information about a parameter in the parameter description and in the parameter attribute table. To view complete information about a parameter, use the Full or Parameter parameters of Get-Help. Syntax Windows PowerShell cmdlet Help, Help topics, and other documentation use the following notation for cmdlets in syntax descriptions. <cmdlet name> -<Required Parameter name> <Required parameter Value> [-<Optional Parameter name> <Optional Parameter Value>] [-<Optional Switch Parameter>] [-<Optional Parameter Name>] <Required parameter Value>
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about_Command_Syntax.help - TOPIC about_Command_Syntax...

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