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Sheet1 Page 1 TOPIC about_EventLogs SHORT DESCRIPTION Windows PowerShell creates a Windows event log that is named "Windows PowerShell" to record Windows PowerShell events. You can view this log in Event Viewer or by using cmdlets that get events, such as the Get-EventLog cmdlet. By default, Windows PowerShell engine and provider events are recorded in the event log, but you can use the event log preference variables to customize the event log. For example, you can add events about Windows PowerShell commands. LONG DESCRIPTION The Windows PowerShell event log records details of Windows PowerShell operations, such as starting and stopping the program engine and starting and stopping the Windows PowerShell providers. You can also log details about Windows PowerShell commands. In Windows Vista and later versions, the Windows PowerShell event log is in the Application and Services Logs group. The Windows PowerShell log is a classic event log that does not use the Windows Eventing technology. To view the log, use the cmdlets designed for classic event logs, such as Get-EventLog. Viewing the Windows PowerShell Event Log
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about_eventlogs.help - TOPIC about_EventLogs SHORT...

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