Healthcare reforM BILLLL - Healthcare Reform Brian Lang...

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Healthcare Reform Brian Lang Gibbs Period 7 March 20, 2010
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Access to healthcare is becoming a huge problem facing most Americans. Healthcare prices have risen dramatically over the last decade. Unemployment rates have increased as well, and that is resulting in people losing access to healthcare coverage provided by their employers. If nothing is done to resolve this problem, many Americans will be living without healthcare, and will ultimately risk losing their lives. Our current healthcare system is flawed, and obviously must be changed. The new system that should be put into action will be a universal healthcare plan. This would be a huge step in allowing all Americans to be eligible for the benefits that are needed. There is no need to prototype this system, because other countries like Canada and England have used it. Even two of our own states Massachusetts and California are currently using a universal healthcare system. Massachusetts healthcare system is currently covering more than 97 percent of the state residents. (Kessler) The universal healthcare system costs around 707 million dollars for the state of Massachusetts. (Kessler) The money also goes toward other things such as medical research to find cures for other diseases. Taxes however, may increase for sometime, but the ultimate gain would be better healthcare for more people. A plus side is after a while there could be a drop in the price of taxes due to new ways of preventing harmful diseases. Massachusetts is currently leading the way for the type of healthcare system that the United States will end up having. Governor Romney recognized that uninsured citizens that were emitted to emergency rooms for non-emergency care were costing the state and federal government more and more money. In Romney’s original plan, he
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Healthcare reforM BILLLL - Healthcare Reform Brian Lang...

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