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Wave Lab - 4 The tension in the string affected the...

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Wave Lab Brian Lang 3. The first wave that we observed was a wave on a fixed point. The wave’s peak when heading toward the point was up, but when it returned I was pointing down. The loose ended point was different in the pattern from which it traveled. When the wave was sent toward the loose end it had the peak up, and it also returned with the peak up. However when the peak came back it switched and the peak was pointed down, and returned down. The peak then returned to the prior form, and the pattern repeated.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. The tension in the string affected the wave’s velocity, but not its amplitude. The velocity was faster when the tension increased, and the velocity was the slower when the tension was decreased. 5. The frequency was increased to sending more than one wave at a time, and it did not appear to effect the wave speed in any way. 6. Amplitude did not affect the wave speed when it was changed. The time for both cam out roughly the same number....
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