Biology nit 2 individual project

Biology nit 2 individual project - spinach 2 Cyanide would...

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American Intercontinental University Biology Unit 2 individual Project Frank Darkannah May 7, 2010 Part 1 Photosynthesis Aerobic Cellular Respiration Full balanced equation CO2+2H2O+ light---- O2+ (CH2O)+ H2O Reactants Products Is this reaction endergonic or exergonic? State which one it is Energy source used Cell organelles involved in the reaction Role of ATP in the reaction Part 2 1. The name given to the types of organisms that can use photosynthesis to produce glucose is called Autoprohs. They are capable of changing inorganic materials into organic compound. Three examples are: The sea Lettuce Ulva, The African Pine, and
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Unformatted text preview: spinach 2. Cyanide would affect bacteria that use anaerobic respiration because anaerobic respiration takes place in the cytoplasm of cells. It begins with molecules of glucose. It becomes activated by energy supplied by ATP. 3. If oxygen is lacking, cells meet their energy needs through fermentation by consistly repeating the initial stage of aerobic respiration and lactic acid builds up. In addition, if the human body does not produce enough ATP, it would go through the complete process of fermentation....
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Biology nit 2 individual project - spinach 2 Cyanide would...

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