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Week One Outline Lecture Two—Early Rome: From Republic to Empire Key Questions: 1) What factors led to the political transitions in early Roman history? 2) What persistent social and political tensions plagued the Roman republic? * Key political shift (monarch -> republic-> empire) I) Historical Origins of Rome a) Livy’s Conflation of Myth and History i) Written around 26 BCE at the very beginning of Augustus’s reign * reinforce & legitimate of change * in bloody civil war * established national mythology: for Roman empire * from earliest time…. It’s proven * roman expansion is by divine will *miraculous moment(ii) ii) A national mythology fit for Rome’s imperial destiny – to reinforce change 1. (1) Ancestry to Aeneas 2. (2) Appearance of Romulus after he is killed by some nobles *learned to be a soldiers *************************** 3. (3) The doors of the Temple of Janus *Peace(if door is close – pause of expansion) or war(if door is open) *Door closed only twice; most part – tied to expansion *origin of rome is not always good ; Another story ; Livy bring that but no credibility b) Rome’s Tainted Beginnings i) Story of Romulus and Remus * their mom is raped rather than gods will ; to abandon Romulus & remus * wolf = nickname of common prostitute ii) Ancestry of vagabonds * first Romulus found the rome; family was aristocrats… first 100 showed up were the founding father(most were vagabonds= had no home/no root/ no women) iii) The Treachery against neighbors (1) Purge of nobles in Gabii * Rome wanted to take over neighbor * sent his son(sexutus) & earned trust & sent messenger to father & couldn’t trust messenger &
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mmw3-lec2 - Week One Outline Lecture TwoEarly Rome: From...

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