mmw3-lec10 - 1. 4/21/10(Wed) Outline Lecture TenThe Abbasid...

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1. 4/21/10(Wed) Outline Lecture Ten—The Abbasid Empire Key Question today: 1) How did the Abbasids’ cosmopolitan ambition as an imperial power reflect the increasing diversity within the Islam? 2) How did they try to reconcile their political pragmatism with religious ideals? - I) From Arab Kingdom to Islamic Empire a) Problems with the Umayyad Caliphate - Umayyad - early under Arab institution; privileging of Arab worrier and elite & Arab culture & capital in Damascus(heart of Arab civilization) & social hierarchy was based on the old traditional tribal lineage & economic distribution always favored Arab elite - b) Challenge from the East i) The impact of propaganda and instigators - Work of one very able organizer/propagandas/instigators describes some historical figures - (1) Abu Muslim of Khurasan , a Persian convert - Mawalis - Mawalis(ever increasing group): Persian descendent or from southwest Asia ; non-Arab converted to Islam - Affected deceived content among Shiite & eastern part of empire & other Mawalis - Gain esteem in promise of Khurasan in mid 8 th century (corner of Islamic empire – south west Asia) - By this time, Many of Muslims/ warriors/soldiers fought for the Islam came to Khurasan (rebellion included many soldiers)- Huge threat to Umayyad
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mmw3-lec10 - 1. 4/21/10(Wed) Outline Lecture TenThe Abbasid...

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