mmw3-lec13 - (Wed Lecture Thirteen—Islamic Social and...

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Unformatted text preview: 4/28/10(Wed) Lecture Thirteen—Islamic Social and Cultural Values I) Women in Early Islam - Because of the flexibility & opportunity open based on the Shari’a’s last 2 category, we can apply shari’a to one aspect to another.. there has been a controversy throughout the history: role of women a) Disclaimer on generalization i) Islam not “a monolithic religious-cultural phenomenon” - Why is it important to contextualize? Islam as a whole…role of women is very compress, diverse, subject.. many different groups women living in different types of Islam society… => we have to take these into consideration…. We have to be careful about generalization. b) Muhammad’s Egalitarian Ethos i) Women in pre-Islamic Arabia- Women had relatively more rights than women in elsewhere- Before Islam in Arabia…. Women had legal right to inherent property Could also diverse in their own initiative (= right to divorce if husband is unfaithful or brutal) Women engaged actively in business(Muhammad’s wife) ii) Muhammad’s premise for equality = Muhammad’s egalitarian measures- Muhammad furthered rights and status of women in his community (1) Men and women equal before God - Based on the fundamental preside of equality of men and women before God- In sermon: All people are equal……. Of gender & ethnicity (2) Appealed for tribal and marital harmony - Last sermon: he stressed maintaining harmony within umma not only btw different tribe but also between men & women(husband and wife)- “You have right over your wife, your wife have right over you”- “If.. adultery happened… God allows you to put her in room and beat but not with severity” Typically in other culture… throw rock/drawing / burning…....
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mmw3-lec13 - (Wed Lecture Thirteen—Islamic Social and...

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