mmw3-lec14 - 4/30/10(Fri) Lecture FourteenExistential...

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4/30/10(Fri) Lecture Fourteen—Existential Crisis in Post-Han China Key Focus: 1) What historical and cultural preconditions paved the way for Buddhism’s assimilation into post-Han China? - 9 th century, Tang dynasty - state religion+ theocracy => how state institution & religious faith/institution work together for legitimacy - Cross- cultural things in India was coming from china I) The Late-Han Upheaval a) Discrediting of Han Confucianism in 2nd century C.E. - Han Confucianism = providing ideology & value for governors = state religion - cause by many different sources: i) Two-tiered peasant-based society ; social- economic disparity - gentry on top ruling peasant - social gap btw these group become wider and wider (1) Rampant corruption - large state were noble’s - enjoyed tax exemption(b/c of connection with imperial family); large elite estate - peasant had to pay more because of the tax exemption of large elite(burden fell onto peasants) - Peasant: they had to give up their land - ii) Internal strife in the court - Palace was not strong enough to handle this; it too was played by on going conflicts - 4 groups A. nobles who own the land & military aristocratic B. growing of Unix ; getting more and more power bc they held lots of responsibility in the C. Merchant D. Traditional Confucius scholars(feeling powerless against other groups & admire in studying of text/ classics rather than active administration) iii) Inauspicious signs (end of 2 nd CE; 170 -180CE ) - terrible famine & drought in northern China = destroyed northern china - (1) Han Cosmology—Theory of Correspondence - They attributed significance to natural catastrophe: “Theory of correspondence” = every natural phenomenon corresponds to will of heaven & political development (way people thought especially Confucius scholars) = they thought end of Han dynasty…. . b)
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mmw3-lec14 - 4/30/10(Fri) Lecture FourteenExistential...

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