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5/10/10 (Mon) Lecture Seventeen—Buddhism in the Chinese State Key Focus: 1) What role did Buddhist rituals and monasteries play in the Chinese state during the Sui and Tang? 2) How did Buddhist monasteries both contribute to and undermine the cohesiveness of the state? I) Golden Age of Chinese Buddhism—Sui and Early Tang Dynasties (6th-9th centuries) a) Buddhism’s increasing prominence i) “Woven into every texture of Chinese life and custom” (Wright 70) - 6 th century - Buddhism had increasing promise in all aspects of Chinese life – Full social integration of Buddhism (1) Fully integrated into local economies - Buddhist temple integrated to local economies & they also drive local economies b/c how much money & land they owned - temple became a economic enterprise; commodities were produced & leased out land to ppl in the area & loan down the money => economic center of the rural area (2) Oversaw local rituals and community needs - daily life - often throw temple fair & provide entertainment & give free food ( lavish vegetarian meals) => gaining more and more converts (3) Vast network of rural temples - handed out grain during drought/famine - (4) Lay community gaining merit through patronage - Begin to see lots of changes; corruption in Buddhism values - Many of the rural priest/monks not too worry about teaching Buddhism or sutras but just being a monk - Start to see provide role as shaman & exorcist; people feel the evil spirit, they go to temple or fortuneteller - Not educated/sophisticated monk but did all these in the name of Buddhism
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mmw3-lec17 - (Mon Lecture SeventeenBuddhism in the Chinese...

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