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5/17/10(Mon) Lecture Twenty—Silla Unification of Korea - China: consolidation of centralized states, different rulers that stood out, absolute authority in Tang, role Buddhism playing to give legitimacy to the centralized authority(both side tried to find I) Political Developments in 7th century Korea - When Tang first came into unified form a) The Three Kingdoms i) Koguryo in the north, Paekche in the west, and Silla in the south - Traditional balance of power on Korean peninsula since the 1 st century BCE(~600-700 years of political division) ii) Resurgence of Paekche power in 660 C.E. - Asserting more territorial ambition; tried to expand to neighbor’s territory - Silla suffered from the most immediate threat from Paekche’s power Silla first appealed Koguryo to ally each other to fend out the threat but Koguryo was busy fighting with china in the northern boarder Silla appealed to Tang China for help (last resort to survive); China accepted b/c they always had imperial ambition to take control over Korean peninsula and install Korean ruler as puppet Plan: Tang sending a navy to western boarder of Paekche & Silla attacking Paekche from eastern boarder & china was infatuate from the north => for Chinese, good change to succeed their goal Paekche and Koguryo fell quickly because they were vulnerable & did not have popular support & Internal questions about the successions Tang-Silla alliance took over 2 states at 668CE b) Tang Intervention - Tang assume that Silla as a puppet i) Tang imperialist ambitions in Korea ii) Inherent weaknesses of Korean states iii) Tang established title of “Protectorate-General to Pacify the East” - To justify imperialism c) Assertion of Independence under Unified Silla (668-935 C.E.) - Silla did not appeal for it i) King Munmu
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mmw3-lec20 - (Mon Lecture TwentySilla Unification of Korea...

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