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5/24/10 (Mon) Outline Lecture Twenty-three—Foundation of Shinto Ethics Key Focus: 1) Religious values and cultural sensibilities indigenous to Japan 2) Initial entry of Buddhism in Japan - Way Im going to talk a bout Shinto is cultural ev en religious sprititual. Existed prior to Buddhism roughly 6-7 th centry. I) Shinto—The Way of the Gods - Shinto = the way of the gods. - Pressure that Buddhism brought in d efined more unique religion, so m ewhat process in India, Hinduism. Reaction to Buddhism. Important Buddhism - For the most part, this was center of worship, recognition what we call Kami. a) Indigenous Japanese spiritual beliefs and rituals b) The Omnipresence and Proliferation of Kamis (Namutre Kamis) - they b elieve that Kamis are ev erywhere in every types of people. i) Patron kamis - Last week we talked about p atron Kamis ii) Powers found in nature - Kamis are found in all inspiring n atural sights aside from typical things. Even in particular code. iii) Sacredness rooted in the daily life c) Simple life-affirming code of conduct - Qualities required to b e considered as Kamis? Simple; Inclusive Kamis also repres ents any sprit, for conte mporary m a nifest, all you have to do is look at
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mmw3-lec23 - 5 /24/10 (Mon) Outline Lecture...

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