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mmw3-mt2 review - *Pre-Islamic Arabia 1 highest deity in...

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*Pre-Islamic Arabia 1) highest deity in pre-islamic Arabia : allah 2) qualities that the Muhannad possessed that made him an effective ruler: political savy, worldly wisdom, meditative outlook, justice, kindless to the less fortunate 3) characteristics of Bedouin tribalism: cooperation, resourceful, pastoral, decision by consesnsus, emphasis on triba identity 4)significance of Mecca in pre-islamic Arabia: important stop on trade route of Hijaz corridor, but also center of pilgrimage(haram-spiritual sanctuary), provided a safe haven for traders, agriculture 5)How did the geographic and historical setting in which Islam emerged shape its fundamental orientation? *Muhammad 1) the prophet Muhammad was called to recite by the angel Gabriel 2) Muhammad's message was a challege to the Meccan oligarchy because message attacked the Meccan ecnomoic underpinning but also because of emphasis on social reforms 3)seal of the prophets means that Muhammad was the last and final prophet, intended to lead the Arabs back to the teaching of Abraham and Moses 4)five pillars: Kalima(creed), prayer, almsgiving, Ramadan, Hajj(pilgrimage) 5) How did Muhammad define his message in relation to other religious traditions? *The Umayyads 1) Khalifa = deputy of god 2)Jizya = religious tax 3) Diwan: a registry, shared between Arab tribes, that allow one to share in the spoils of war 4) Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan’s accomplishments that led to centralization: established a standing army & required official documents to be writtein in Arabic thus spreading the language & tied his rulership to
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mmw3-mt2 review - *Pre-Islamic Arabia 1 highest deity in...

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