REVIEW GUIDE1 - MMW 3 Chang Track First Midterm Exam Review...

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MMW 3 Chang Track Spring 2010 First Midterm Exam Review Guide (This is meant to be a review guide, not the exam itself. Ultimately, you are accountable for all the key materials in the readings and lectures.) Exam will be designed for 50 minutes Part I. Objective You need to be familiar with the historical context and significance of the following names and terms from your readings and lectures. Be sure you are able to address the appropriate “who?” “what?” “where?” and “when?‟, and most importantly, “why?” issues associated with each one. Multiple Choice and Matching Terms questions will be drawn from this guide. Example of Multiple Choice format: Please read each choice carefully and write the letter of the most appropriate answer in your blue book next to the question number. Which political philosophy did the Qin state adopt as its state ideology? A) Confucianism B) Daoism C) Legalism D) Ethical Monotheism Example of Matching Terms format: Please match the terms or names from each column that are most closely related in significance and historical context. Write a 3-4 sentence explanation of their relationship ( BE BRIEF BUT SPECIFIC ) Confucius Terracotta Soldiers First Emperor of the Qin Filial Piety Key Names & Terms for Rome and Christianity From Republic to Empire Ideological agenda of Livy‟s History Remus and Romulus Temple of Janus Rome‟s Etruscan Legacy Tarquin Nobles of Gabii Sextus Tarquinius Rape of Lucretia Polybius‟s view of checks and balances Two Consul System Senate Assemblies Tribune of the Plebes Patricians vs. Plebeians Sumptuary laws regarding rites Punic Wars Gracchi Brothers Latifundias Land and social reforms Optimates
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REVIEW GUIDE1 - MMW 3 Chang Track First Midterm Exam Review...

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