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Pecan, the Healthy Nut! Most people don’t realize it but pecans are used in a wide variety of ways. These delicious meaty nuts are mainly eaten whole but can also used in delectable recipes that invigorate the taste palate. Here are a few of the great benefits, besides just tasting great, of making pecans your number one addition to your holiday and every day dishes. Pecans are probably the least touted of all healthy nuts, simply because they do not grow freely and easily all over the world as other nuts do. However, it has been scientifically proven that they are as good, if not better, for your health than most other typically toted nuts as well. Pecans contain a very high level of anti-oxidants, substances that will help you to boost your natural immunity. About a handful (five to ten pecans a day), are enough to make your body stronger and healthier. Pecans also contain “good cholesterol”, which is required for healthy heart function and lowers the bad cholesterol which could damage your heart. Pecans are also very rich in oleic acid, a substance found quite rarely in nature. Oleic acid
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PecantheHealthyNut9-10 - Pecan, the Healthy Nut! Most...

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