The Pearson Farm Peach Packing Shed

The Pearson Farm Peach Packing Shed - wave before returning...

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The Pearson Farm Peach Packing Shed (For Blog) A trip to the Pearson Farm peach packing shed in Fort Valley,GA is a real treat. Every year during peach season between Mid-May and Mid-August the packing shed is open to the public. The short drive from the highway is scenic, filled with field after field of rich farmland right in the heart of Georgia. The peach packing shed itself has an interesting history. Peach packing is completed in an over 100 year old schoolhouse known as the “Old Zenith School” that has now been converted. As you pull up you will immediately notice the southern charm of the old brick building. Members of the Pearson family once attended school right in the very same building. As you enter the building you will find yourself mesmerized by the steady hum of machinery as you watch the peaches go on their way from start to finish down the line. So many bright beautiful peaches cascade gently before your eyes, you may find that it is easy to be drawn in to watch the action. The staff is friendly and warm, often smiling and lifting a hand to briefly
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Unformatted text preview: wave before returning to the task of processing the most delicious fruit in the south. If you want to venture further, free tours are available. There are two types of tours available; self-guided and guided. Both types of tours follow the same route, but the guided tour allows you to learn more about the Pearson Family, the peach farm, and details about the peach packing process. Peaches are harvested by hand daily throughout the summer season. Before long you will find your mouth watering for peaches. To the left of the entrance is your oasis of peach heaven. Boxes and baskets of freshly packaged peaches wait to ease your hunger. The friendly girls behind the counter are ready to serve up Pearson Farms most popular summer treat experience, fresh peach ice cream. You can also pick up gourmet southern cook books, Pearson Farms famous peach salsa, and their brand new amazing peach shortcake!...
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The Pearson Farm Peach Packing Shed - wave before returning...

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