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About Pine Straw Pine straw outperforms other mulches in many key ways and is fast becoming the preferred mulch. For example pine straw doesn't just float and wash away during rainstorms. Pine mulch also breaks down much more slowly than other mulches and it does not need to be reapplied as frequently. Pine straw bales are small and are easy to carry and easy to store until needed. Pine straw is also visually stunning as a backdrop and is used on professional golf courses and around quality homes. The uniform color texture of pine straw brings out the colors, contrasts, and textures of your garden landscape. Pine mulch also adds valuable organic materials and nutrients to soil. As an added benefit this is a superior ground cover that reduces weeds almost effortlessly. Pine mulch is also very easy to apply. You simply unroll or untie the bales and scatter pine needles loosely by hand. Due to this loose application method the pine straw breathes better, does not tend to compact, and allows for better water infiltration and retention. Plus pine mulch
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