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Backhaul Solutions - Backhaul Solutions Backhaul trucking...

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Backhaul Solutions Backhaul trucking refers to the hauler's opportunity to pick up a second load of merchandise close to the destination where they delivered their first load; i.e., returning to the origin of the first load. This affords a company an opportunity to move their merchandise at a cheaper rate than traditional trucking would allow. Backhauling is a good solution for a small business on a budget. Over the last few years, truckers’ operational costs for essential items such as fuel, equipment and insurance have skyrocketed, taking their toll on carrier companies of all shapes and sizes. So, the more efficient a carrier's operation is the lower the shipper's overall costs and closer to total quality logistics. Carriers want and even need companies to provide them with opportunities to move freight at every point of delivery. Basically a truck carries product to a destination, and then returns without anything to haul to its origin. This makes the cost for transport nearly double the cost of merely sending the
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