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Backhaul Trucking Facts

Backhaul Trucking Facts - Backhaul Trucking Facts A...

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Backhaul Trucking Facts A backhaul is the return trip of a vehicle, as a truck, transporting cargo or freight, esp. when carrying goods back over all or part of the same route. Backhauls can be a significant factor in reducing transport costs for ground freight. When a truck carries product to a destination, and then returns empty to its starting point, the cost for transport is nearly double the cost of merely sending the product to its destination. When a manufacturer or distributor can find a way to bring a product back instead of having the truck make an empty backhaul, it's like sharing the transport cost with another distributor. In backhaul freight, you will put your items on a specific carrier, such as a truck, that will be able to take your freights on their way back from the destination that they came from. Since they are not necessarily making a complete stop for delivery, this type of shipping can save company money.
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