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One question that comes up this time of year a lot is what is the best mulch to use in a garden or landscape in general. It is easy to see the great value of using mulch, but when people go to their local garden center they see so many different options. So how do you know which one to use? The short answer: pine straw. Mulching with pine straw is one of the best ways to keep weeds out of your landscape. Pine needle helps to keep weeds down. While the pine mulch itself will not stop weeds from germinating it serves to act as a barrier between the weeds and the outside world above. However you must ensure your pine mulch comes from a company with clean straw to avoid contamination from weed seed. Pine mulch will also slow down the evaporation of moisture from your soil, keeping the soil from drying out and losing nutrients. This layer of mulch also acts as a buffer or extra layer between entities that can cause compaction on the soil below. Mulching the soil with pine needles in winter will insulate the soil preventing it from
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