Environment Friendly Landscaping Ideas

Environment Friendly Landscaping Ideas - Environment...

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Environment Friendly Landscaping Ideas In today’s environmentally and economically conscious world there is a need for new and better ways to take care of landscaping. Both residential and commercial property owners are researching new ways to create inspiring landscapes without high maintenance costs, and this includes reducing or eliminating the use of chemicals. While this may sound like an unpleasant and more work-intensive task, the truth is really as simple as implementing new techniques. Obviously a big concern for most property owners is weed control. Chances are if you have soil anywhere you run the risk of getting weeds, and they are notoriously difficult to handle without help from special herbicides. One method you can implement before you even begin to plant is soil solarization, a preventive, organic method of killing weeds. This method is ideal if your property is weed-prone. Soil-borne diseases and pests can cause major damage and loss to your plant investments.
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Environment Friendly Landscaping Ideas - Environment...

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