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Landscaping Effectively_7-21-10 - organic mulch such as...

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Landscaping Effectively The more organic materials you use in you’re landscaping the better. Start by preparing your soil for new plants. When you prepare your soil you should add fertilizer and work it in well before you plant anything in it. This will allow the roots of new plants to penetrate through the soil better. Plus if you mix in your fertilizer and nutrients before planting, you will end up with superior plant health. If you buy mature shade trees they will usually come with the root ball wrapped up. If you buy a tree that has been grown in a container, make sure that the roots are not constricted by the container. This may actually cause the roots to go in circles underground after you plant it. With any new tree be sure to adequately water it to help it establish new roots. The ideal planting process for most plants includes putting them in the ground at the proper depth, and replacing the soil without compressing it too much. Immediately after planting new plants, you should give them water and then finish by putting a layer of natural mulch on top. You should always use
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Unformatted text preview: organic mulch such as pine straw, and have a 1 to 3 inch layer of it at the base of your plants. Just make sure to never push the mulch right up against the stems or trunks, leave an inch or two for the plant to breath. Pine straw, also known as pine mulch, is used for both residential and commercial projects such as on golf courses and around upscale hotels. Pine straw is very popular natural organic landscaping mulch in gorgeous auburn hues. Aside from the fact pine needle is superior for weed control; pine mulch is also a great fertilizer and pest deterrent. To get the most out of your landscape for your money, start by designing the landscape you want on paper before you start planting and building it. By knowing exactly what you want and need you are going to avoid wasting money and time. You want to landscape effectively while also creating the atmosphere you desire, good luck!...
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Landscaping Effectively_7-21-10 - organic mulch such as...

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