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Mulching With Pine Needles-Sept10_Blog2

Mulching With Pine Needles-Sept10_Blog2 - Types of Mulch...

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Types of Mulch – Sept 10 – Blog 2 No matter where you live some kind of mulch is used in garden beds whether it is Cypress, Hardwood, or Pine Straw. Landscapers buy Mulch at the local Nursery. Mulches are decorative, keep weeds to a minimum, and conserve moisture for your plants. There is a best choice though when it comes to wood based mulches. Cypress mulch is one of my favorites because of its beautiful color and strength against weather conditions. When you use Grade A cypress mulch you can count on beauty and that it will stay put during storms because of its stringy nature. Cypress Trees are harvested for wood in furniture making and in one of the processes of making wood out of a cypress tree the bark is stripped off. This bark is later shredded to make mulch. You know if the outer layer of this tree is being protected by this layer it will make a tough material to survive the weather. Cypress Bark mulch is stringy unlike Hardwood mulches which lay completely flat.
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