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Keszler 1 Britani Keszler 3-26-08 English 102 Research Essay Rough Draft 2 Greed Shown Through Cosmetic Surgery Society has always made it difficult for people to define what real beauty is in a woman. Although everyone has their own set opinion, society gives out many definitions and expectations for women to live up to. Makeup as well as plastic surgery gives women the chance to change their image to better fit into the feminine look that is outlined by society. One surgery in particular that targets a body part that symbolizes femininity as well as sexuality is breast Augmentation. The cosmetic aspect of breast augmentation allows women to change the size or shape of their breast to their desire. The concern a woman feels about her breast size is in direct correlation with the pressure they receive from the media. Men’s magazines such as Playboy, fashion, and other forms of marketing highlight women having large breasts which results in the common woman’s desire to have larger breasts. This source of marketing also reaches the younger generation making the idea of breast augmentation plausible in girls younger than 18. Society places a premium on youth and physical attractiveness which results in the pressure and high standards on women to change their appearance by undergoing cosmetic breast augmentation because the breast is a symbol of femininity and sexual appeal among women.
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Keszler 2 Women have many reasons for undergoing cosmetic breast augmentation; however the most common reasons tend to be they desire to embrace their femininity, increase their self esteem, or please a partner. “Attention to appearance and the pursuit of physical attractiveness are crucial aspects of femininity that many women endeavor to achieve. Some women consider themselves less attractive or feminine because of the lack of ideal size and shape of their breast” (Figueroa-Hass 16). The breast embodies one of the most influential aspects of the feminism, and if a woman feels unhappy about her breasts, she feels unhappy as a woman. Women gain much of their physical confidence through the look and size of their breasts due to the influence of society. Along with femininity, breasts represent female sexuality, “In many instances, cosmetic [breast augmentation] surgery is motivated by sexual concerns, such as sexual attractiveness and responsiveness. Culturally, women are defined and define themselves by their sexuality, as bestowed on them by a sexist society” (Figueroa-Hass 17). Society places a lot of attention towards female breast size and its connection with sexuality leading women to believe they need cosmetic breast surgery in order to have sexual appeal. Society places an overwhelming influence that women with larger breasts have more sex appeal which influences the common women to want to increase her breast size to gain more sexual appeal. “Body image is a psychological perception of one’s appearance, self-esteem, and developmental and socio-cultural
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Engessayroughdraft2 - Keszler 1 Britani Keszler 3-26-08...

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