Plants That Benefit from Pine Mulch August2010

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Plants That Benefit from Pine Mulch (blog) According to Garden Guides, pine needles are preferred by many gardeners because they are a natural, readily available and inexpensive way to mulch garden plants, and we agree! Adding mulch to your plants helps to contain soil erosion, retains moisture in the soil and provides a steady supply of valuable nutrients to the plants as the needles decompose. Pine straw is one of the most desired natural organic landscape mulches. Pine mulch is available in most garden centers or wholesale in bulk from local or online companies. Pine straw boasts numerous benefits including the prevention of topsoil loss due to wind and water erosion, reduction of damage from trimmers or mowers, improving soil fertility, reducing weed growth, stabilizing soil temperature fluctuations, and improving soil health. Here is a short guide listing some of the popular plants that especially love pine mulch. Blueberries
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