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James Hayes The Code Linux 07:05:43 The Code Linux The movie begins with Richard Stallman comparing software code to food recipes. He is making the argument that by hiding the code (the recipe) that it would be like not be allowed to make an improvement to a recipe. He even goes one step further and says that you will be called a pirate for sharing recipes and trying to improve them. Eric Raymond uses the term hacker in its original terms. He says a hacker views computer code in the same way as an artist views works of art. Raymond states that the hacker community has created the Internet, Linux, and the Worldwide Web. Many people do not use the term hacker in its original context and Raymond is trying to draw a distinction between the two. It seems as if companies like Microsoft have contributed to the negative image of hackers. They see them as threat to their business model and want to demonize them. Linus Torvalds had developed a kernel when he was a student at the University of Helsinki and he thought other students may need their own operating system. Torvalds released the code to the public so that people would not have to go through what he did at first it was called Minix. He said it was not his intention to go up against the giant (Microsoft) and it was not David versus Goliath. The Linux community sprang out of the sharing of the recipe and people all over the world working on the recipe and making it better. The Linux community does not rely on anyone individual but rather it relies on everyone in the community.
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James Hayes The Code Linux 07:05:43 On the 17 th of September 1991 Linux 0.01 was released and within hours the Linux community is sending responses. It was released under a GPL license and make available for free. The GPL license states that if you improve the software you must make it available to the
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The Code Linux - NOS 120

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