AP Calculus AB Course Description and Outline

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AP Calculus AB: Teacher : Trevor Naidoo Email : tnaidoo@isgdh.org Url : http://trevornaidoo.homestead.com Abstract : AP Calculus AB is a Collegeboard subject taken by students after having completed the following sequence of High School Mathematics subjects: Geometry, Algebra 2 and Precalculus. The course has been audited by the Collegeboard and is in accordance to their protocols. It is also in accordance with the NTCM Framework. School policy makes it compulsory for students to take the AP Exam in May in order to enroll for the course. The course is typically 7 months long which enables a month for review and training prior to the AP Exam. Students also take an AP Mock Examination in April as a trial before the examination in May. Students are expected to have a good foundation in the previous math disciplines in order to achieve success. In addition, students are expected to practice and prepare ahead of attending class. In addition to the AP Examination, students are expected to take 2 examinations in January and June,
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AP Calculus AB Course Description and Outline - AP Calculus...

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