Biology with MasteringBiologyâ„¢ (8th Edition)

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Completion of this summer assignment will allow us to cover more of the material required for the AP Biology exam. You will be completing Reading Comprehension Sheets (RC Sheets) on 3 chapters from your text, Campbell’s Biology. The RC sheets are found after this introduction page. As you will see the reading level of these three chapters is fairly easy so I do not anticipate a need for explanation of the material. Always remember that you are responsible for any information from the assigned reading, now or during the school year. Here are some key points to remember when completing the assignments: 1. LATE ASSIGNMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED - no partial credit, no late grade. A grade of 0 will be assigned for any assignment not submitted on time. No exceptions will be made to this. If you are present at any time during the period which an assignment is to be collected, it is due when called for – not at the end of the period, not 5 minutes after it is called for. 2. Repetition is intentional. DO NOT write “see number 4 above” or “this answer was given in number 7 of part 1” for example. You may be asked different questions which will require the same answer. You are expected to complete these as if the concept is presented individually. 3. When an assignment is to be handwritten, that is what it means. The RC sheets assigned as part of this summer assignment are to be NEATLY HANDWRITTEN. Not typed. The explanation for this will be given as we proceed through the year. If answers are illegible, they will not be graded and a grade of 0 will be assigned. Every student can write legibly if time is invested. 4. All completed assignments will be collected the first day of class. Assignments are not divided during the summer. I encourage you to divide the reading yourself over several weeks. The reading level may be easy, but the volume is large and you are expected to remember the material from these chapters. 5. There will be quiz on these chapters the second class session. 6. Any student that does not complete the summer assignment will be removed from the course. I recommend beginning the assignments in August so that they will be fresh in your mind when the year begins. After you begin, read a little each night and review through out the month. If you have any questions during the summer, I can be reached at
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Ap_bio_summer_assign - AP Biology Summer Assignment Completion of this summer assignment will allow us to cover more of the material required for

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