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AP Biology Study Guide — Online Activities Chapter 42 Circulation and Gas Exchange Before reading the chapter, go to the Internet and connect to, click on our textbook and logon with your user name and password and select chapter 42. First click on Quizzes in the left hand gray column then take the Pre-Test. Now go to your Campbell Biology textbook and read the chapter . As you read through the chapter watch for references to figures. When you come to them, stop reading for a moment and study what each has to say and show, then continue reading. I can’t stress how important it is to study these figures as you read the text . Once you have finished reading the chapter go back to the Campbell biology website, click on Activities in the left hand gray column and complete the following five activities. 1. Study and interact with the Campbell Biology Web/CD Activity 42A, Mammalian Cardiovascular System Structure. 2.
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