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A P B i o l o g y M r . S p e n c e r Chapter 7: Membrane Structure and Function Campbell, Biology , 7 th Edition Answer each of the following questions on separate paper. All answers may be typed or hand- written… but do your OWN work. 1. Explain how the amphipathic nature of phospholipids causes them to behave when placed in water. 2. Why were phospholipids first dissolved in benzene and then mixed with water in Langmuir’s experiments with artificial membranes. 3. Why was it postulated by Gorter and Grendel that the plasma membrane must be a bilayer and not just a single layer of phospholipids? 4. What observations led scientists to incorporate protein molecules into the model of the cell membrane? 5. Describe and sketch the Davson-Danielli model of the cell membrane. What were the two main problems with this model? Which properties of the cell membrane were accurately described by this model? 6. How do membrane proteins tend to differ from proteins dissolved in the cytosol? 7.
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