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Biology with MasteringBiologyâ„¢ (8th Edition)

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Office of International Programs, KONKUK UNIVERSITY Course Syllabus 2008 KU International Summer Program Course Title General Biology Instructor Jay Ko Credit Hours 3 Instructor’s E-mail [email protected] Textbook Biology Writer Neil A. Campbell Publisher Benjamin Cummings Kimball’s Biology Pages John W. Kimball http://biology- pages.info Course Description A comprehensive introductory course investigating the major areas of modern biological inquiry. Includes scientific method, biological molecules, cell structure and function, development, genetic engineering, stem cells, cloning and physiology. The class activities will include lectures, discussions, presentations, writtings, and reportings. Each student will develop skills of aquiring biological information from a variety of resources and analyzing the information. Course Objectives Upon successful completion of this course, the student should: 1. Understand and be able to correctly use the vocabulary of biology. 2. Be familiar with the way scientists investigate problems in
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GeneralBiology - 2008 KU International Summer Program...

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