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literitual review 3 - Name Yun Yun Foo MBA 6610 TGWA...

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Name: Yun Yun Foo MBA 6610 TGWA Literature Review Communication here is not only just the flow on information between human but also a process of “creating, shaping and maintaining relationships and embracing shared values, common culture, agreed goal, and means for their achievement”(Clegg, 2005). It states that, as both a cause and an effect, almost all conflicts involve communication problems . Once a conflict has started, communication problems often develop and it will become worse because people involve in a conflict do not communicate with each other as frequently, as openly, and as accurately. Thus communication is central to most conflict situations. (Conflict Research Consortium, 1998) In addition, it also stated that the most significant communication channel in the workplace is not the employee but the manager (Dulye, Linda, 2006). They undervalue the importance of communication. Furthermore, language should be seen as the most important form of effective communication. The successful supervisor is one who achieves his goals, and to achieve his goals, he must communicate effectively through clearness of expression. Therefore, the communicator must ensure that the language he or she uses is clear, accurate and appropriate to the receiver, purpose and occasion for which the message is intended. (Ashish Tho, 2010 )
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literitual review 3 - Name Yun Yun Foo MBA 6610 TGWA...

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