Week1-what is good research

Week1-what is good research - research make a definition of...

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JIAN CHI Business Research Design MBA 6610 What is “Good research”? Good Research is should be define as “generates dependable data that are derived by professionally conducted practices and that can be used reliably for decision making.” (Cooper & Schindler, 2008).the good research standards in scientific method including nine points, there are purpose clearly defined, research process detailed, research design thoroughly planned, high ethical standards applied, limitations frankly revealed, adequate analysis for decision-makers needs, findings presented unambiguously, conclusions justified and reflected. In Reece’s critique, the author take a clearly defining purpose, throughout research, the author want to find the evidence that students can transfer critical thing skill, as author describe “it must prove that its efforts not only increase the critical thinking of student in school, but that students can transfer critical thinking to novel situations, including those encountered in daily life.” (Reese, 2002). At first, the
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Unformatted text preview: research make a definition of critical thinking, the author give an enough words to explain what is critical thinking. The second part is comparing the thinking different. They list more evidence to support theory. Then the author detail to explain the relationship between critical thinking and the topic. Finally, show many measures data to support the critical thinking. To do a good research need to clearly to know the field of the researched topic, and it could be prepare many evidence to support the theory, it will cost many time to read much material which around the research topic. We are not the professional researcher, be a student, how we can do a good research? Find the topic we familiar and interest, that’s will be easy to get accurately material. References Cooper, Donald R. and Schindler, Pamela S. (2008). Business Research Methods (10 th ed). New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin....
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Week1-what is good research - research make a definition of...

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