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CORE BUSINESS REFERENCE SOURCES, PRINTED AND ELECTRONIC BY TYPE and SUBJECT 1 The following list of core business reference materials is a representative list of business resources selected for their currency, their authority, or their unique contributions to business research. For a more comprehensive listing of business reference materials, consult one of the business information guides listed below. This list includes both printed and electronic sources because for some topics good or comprehensive information is only available in printed format. Many of the printed sources have an electronic counterpart that may be wholly or in part proprietary. I. Core Business Resources (includes management): Business Information Guides Databases and Indexes to Journal Articles Internet Sites - Comprehensive Government Information Dictionaries and Encyclopedias Handbooks and Statistical Information Professional and Trade Organizations II. Specialized Business Resources Accounting Banking and Finance Company Information Human Resources/Labor Studies Industry Data International Business Investments Marketing Public Administration Taxation I. CORE BUSINESS RESOURCES BUSINESS INFORMATION GUIDES Business Information: How to Find It, How to Use It. (Michael R. Lavin) 3rd ed. Oryx, 2002. “Combines in-depth descriptions of major business publications and databases with explanations of concepts essential for using them effectively.” (Preface) Many examples are provided. Business: The Ultimate Resource. (Nick Philipson, ed.) Perseus, 2002. Basic Business Library: Core Resources . (Rachelle S. Karp) 4th ed. Greenwood, 2002. Each of the 200 book and serial items included in the “core list” includes an excellent annotation regarding the scope and evaluation of the source. In addition to the core list, there are bibliographic articles on government information sources, investment sources, and key journals as well as other information. Handbook of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery . (Willi Klősgen and Jan M. Zytkow, eds.) Oxford University Press, 2002. 1 Compiled by Judith L. Violette, Director of Library Services, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
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Supplement to Business Research Methods 9e Gale Encyclopedia of E-Commerce . (Jane A. Malonis, ed.) Gale, 2002. 2v. International Business Information: How to Find It, How to Use It . (Ruth A Pagell and Michael Halperin) 2nd ed. Oryx, 1998. “Discusses key international business publications and databases and provides the subject background needed to understand them.” (Preface) The focus is on the information need and the sources and techniques for solving it. Strauss’s Handbook of Business Information: A Guide for Librarians, Students, and Researchers . (Rita W. Moss) 2nd ed. Libraries Unlimited, 2004. Excellent overviews are provided for each area of business and annotations provide
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