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Citing Electronic Sources

Citing Electronic Sources - Citing Electronic Sources Type...

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Citing Electronic Sources Type APA Full-text sources from library Last name of author, first initial. (Year, resources (online and CD-ROM) medium], volume (issue), paging if given or other indicator of length. Available: supplier/database name and number/identifier number, item, or accession number [access date]. Crow, P. (1994). GATT shows (1p.). Available: Information Access/ Expanded Academic Index ASAP/ A15955498 [1996, March 13]. WWW sites: Individual works with Last name of author/editor, first initial. print equivalent [Type of medium]. Producer. Available: address or source/path/file [access date]. quotations: Passages, phrases & proverbs traced to their sources (9th ed.). [Online]. Columbia University. Available: http//www. columbia.edu/acis/bartleby/bartlett/ [1996, March 19]. *Access date not needed if CD-ROM. month day). Title. Journal [Type of progress in Congress. The Oil and Gas Journal [Online], 92(49), 32 (Year, month day). Title (Edition). Bartlett, J. (1995, March). Familiar SOURCE: Adapted from APA Guides for Citing Electronic Sources and Guidelines for Citing Electronic Sour Library, Cedarville, OH, 45314.
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