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business rearch proposal - Brand Personality and College...

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Brand Personality and College Students Purchasing Behavior HAN, Xiao 1 Introduction “Where will life take you?” Fashion ladies will come to an answer of getting a handbag from Louis Vuitton’s when they hear this famous question. It is a question from an advertisement of Louis Vuitton —the world’s most powerful luxury brand. With an estimated brand value of $25.74 million, Louis Vuitton placed No. 1 on the ranking of the top 100 brands in a recent review of the World's Most Powerful Luxury Brands on (Lisanti, 2008). Louis Vuitton stands for quality, taste, status and all the beautiful words related. Their customers include not only success people but also fashion young blood. As the global economy still in its depression, luxury brands continue to resist the wider consumption slump. Having strong brands turned to be one of the most important ways for companies to survive. One of the reasons is that luxury brands have a more profound brand culture and personality, and they will keep customers loyal. We could imitate some of the successful strategies of luxury brands all over the world, and also consider effective advertising like the other successful companies (Swait, Erdem, 2007). Brand personality shows consumers’ opinions about brands, and it is like human personality characteristics. However, brand attitude describes the feelings of the consumers toward a specific brand, whether it is positive or negative. To understand the details of the consumers’ brand perceptions, companies should examine their brand personality by analyzing specific brand traits and consumer behavior. More importantly, evaluation of brand personality allows one to figure out what is the “order winner” of a particular brand over its competitors (Wyner, 2006).
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Brand Personality and College Students Purchasing Behavior HAN, Xiao 2 College students are a special segment of consumers. They are grown-ups with their own perceptions but without stable incomes. It is amazing that college students have extraordinary perception of brands. They pick their merchandises largely depends on brand variance. College students have their strong feeling of the favorite products, which are their favorite brands in other words. We seek to develop a better understanding of characteristics of strong brands which will attract college students over time. We also hope to find out how college students differ in their perceptions of brands based on their varied interests in products. Through this proposal, we should be able to solve the research question of: what role does a brand play when college students are making purchasing decision. Literature Review With the general growth of personal income, it is hardly surprising that the relationship among customer buying behavior, brand management, and advertising has attracted considerable attention in recent years. Some major perspectives in business management and marketing have formulated different theories about how important a
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business rearch proposal - Brand Personality and College...

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