MBA 6610 Questionnaire Design Exercise

MBA 6610 Questionnaire Design Exercise - MBA6610...

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MBA 6610 Questionnaire Design Exercise Using criteria in the text and at the end of this exercise document, evaluate the following two questionnaires. Provide a written explanation; what’s wrong and how would you correct them. Rewrite questions as needed. ***************************** SOUP QUESTIONNAIRE 1. Into which of these age groups do you fall? 18-30___  31-40___  41-50___  51 or over___ 2. How much soup do you have right now on your pantry shelf?________ 3. What soup advertises “Mm good!  Mm good!  That’s what _________soup  is, Mm good!”?__________________ 4.    What kind of soup did you have for lunch today?________________ 5. How much did you have?_______________________ 6.    What else did you have with it?  _______________________ 7.    How often do you have soup for lunch? ________________. 8.    How many people in your family had soup more than once last week?  ______________________ 9.    Do you like soup very much, or do you eat it just because it is inexpensive  and easy to prepare? ________________ 10.   Who all ate this soup today? _______________________ 11. Where did you get it? ____________________________
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MBA 6610 Questionnaire Design Exercise AIRLINE INDUSTRY SURVEY 1. What is your income in the nearest hundred dollars? 2. Are you an occasional or frequent flyer? 3. Do you like this airline? 4. How many ads did you see on television last April?  This          April? 5.
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MBA 6610 Questionnaire Design Exercise - MBA6610...

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