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research design - Effects of leadership in teamwork...

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Effects of leadership in teamwork 1 Introduction Do you consider yourself to be a good team leader? How do you make you teamwork effective? Today, society members have an increasing workload and members work in different teams to complete his or her jobs. A great leader plays an important role in team effectiveness; therefore, the leadership in teamwork is effect or ineffect that need close attention. Many researchers have attributed the leadership as a key indicator regarding the success team work. It is time to improve understanding of leadership. The primary purpose of this research is to identify the importance of leadership in teamwork and to examine the relationships between them. Regarding my research paper, Leadership concepts will be well understood in the academic arena in the review of literature, and this study will use the descriptive type of research to gain a better understanding of the relationships between the leadership and teamwork effectiveness. Because of the lower cost, the research instrument will be the electronic survey presented to colleges using convenience sampling. I believe this topic is extremely relevant to the successes of business. If the team leader can handle his or her employees positively, the team will be more successful than other competing teams. In the company, every team leader can do that. This company will be an active development. Everyone recognizes the importance of business leadership when he or she says that a good leader can make a success of a weak business plan, but a poor leader can ruin even the best plan.
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Effects of leadership in teamwork 2 Through this proposal, I should be able to research question: “What does leadership make in teamwork.” Literature review Leadership The literature on leadership is voluminous, extensively rich of theories, and models. Research approaches had appeared in the preceding two decades. Early theories tend to focus upon the characteristics and behaviors of successful leaders, later theories begin to consider the contextual nature of leadership. A review of the leadership literature reveals the certain evolving theories from “Trait theories” to “Transformational leadership”. The concept of leadership first appeared in the literature referred to a higher function in humans who can lead others to enlightenment and represents an ideal. Early research on leadership was based on the psychological focus that called trait theory leadership, McCall and Lombardo (1983) researched the certain traits and skills as critical to leaders. However, some researchers argued that leaders who are successful in one field can be unsuccessful in another, whereas trait theory would suggest that they will be universally successful. The next evolution in leadership thinking was situational theory, which
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research design - Effects of leadership in teamwork...

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