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Reviewskis - 2 Identify a draft or a note 3 Know the...

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Reviewskis 22 1. Concept of conforming and non conforming goods 2. Perfect tender 3. What can you do if the shipment you receive is not perfect tender 4. Concept of delivery 5. Difference between shipment contract and destination contract 6. Dense of commercial and practicability 7. Cont. repudiation? What innocent party’s options are 8. Calculate damages when someone backs out of a contract / what is the right to cure/ what does it mean when innocent pary has the right to cover – entitled to any damages? 9. When will a party to a K have a absoluter right to terminate it 23 1. Different types of warrenty, title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose 2. Express warrenty vs. implied warrenty. Know the difference 3. Due care (what does that shit mean, product manufacting, labeling) 4. Required for you to recover a assuit for a product liability 5. Concept of privity of contract 6. Concepts of products that are unreasonably dangerous 7. Commonly known dangers/ assumption of risk 24 1. Identify all the parties (maker, drawer, payee)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Identify a draft or a note 3. Know the elements of negoatability ( what are the elements that cause this shit) 4. Concept unconditional promse to pay 5. Signature required, where does it have to be, what type 6. Concept of an unconditional promise to pay, some kinda value 7. Change the date that an instrument is due, acceleration clause 8. Recognize a bearer instrument from a order instrument 9. Effect of writing not negotiable on a instrument (preprtinted info check vs. shit) 10. Have numbers and writing which one will contract? If there is a conflict 25 1. How to transfer an instrument if there is no room for an endorsement 2. Endorser and endorsee 3. Different type of endorsements 4. Distinction between alternative and joint 5. Difference between an ordinary holder and a holder in due course 6. Types of things that makes an instrument defective 7. Whether you know or should of known about something with instrutments 8....
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