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Review1 - 7 Receiving a shipment of non conforming shitty...

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Review 18 1. dfferent types of damages, ID them dawg 2. Situation when you are entering into a building contract… breaching beginning, middle and a END! 3. Litigation of damages 4. Liquidated damages 5. Rescinding a contract: what does it mean?? 6. Reformation keith is a faggot. What situations would the court consider this? 7. Limitations of a liability clause, and exculpatory clauses 20 1. What kind of contracts the ucc applies to, and WHOM it applies to. Ex. Merchants, buyers, and special faggot rules 2. Merchants., what does it mean to be a fucking merchant. Who the fuck is a merchant 3. A fact pattern, that merchant was a merchant this motherfucking type of good, but not the cock good 4. There are some terms that don’t to absolutely fucking be in the contract (UCC). Flexible like keith’s mom or inflexible 5. Contract concepts like delivery? Seller’s place of business in keith’s butt 6. Contracts under the UCC and different from the common dumbass law, like modifuckations and considerations
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Receiving a shipment of non conforming shitty ass goods? This is an exception to this ASS 8. There isn’t a mirrior image rule under the UCC, under the limitations of twat (acceptances) 9. The ucc doesn’t deal with niggers (real estate). Look this shit up cause I wasn’t paying attention 10. Unconsisable contracts. The poor dumbass family buying the fucking freeze they were dumbasses 21 1. UNDERSTAND Risk of Loss ROFL CHOPTERS 2. Concept of identification mmmmmmm. . how is it important and when does it take place 3. What a bill of LAID (chicka chicka) 4. What happens if you entrust your goods to a spook (merchant ebay) 5. Shipment and DESTINATION ECO TERMS Bahahahaa FOB, FAS 6. Sell on approval and sale on anal (return) 7. Risk of loss of receiving defective goods, and then whenever nigs discover a late defect 8. Insurable interest, when do they fucking have the shit, and other fact pattern PISS IN MY ASS stuff...
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Review1 - 7 Receiving a shipment of non conforming shitty...

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