GBA 6-29 - Routine Correspondence 1 Direct Inquiry(main...

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Routine Correspondence 1. Direct Inquiry – (main idea: what you want) a. Direct Question b. General statement clearly defining topic 2. Explanation a. Reason for request b. Information which will help reader fulfill request c. Additional questions 3. Courteous close (motivate action) a. Date needed b. Appreciation c. How to contact 4. Reply to Direct Inquiry (favorable) a. Main Idea: positive answer i. Answer the question or main question ii. General statement clearly indicating request is being fulfilled b. Explanation i. All questions answered (in interest of reader) ii. Educational information iii. Sales iv. Negative de-emphasized c. Positive, friendly close i. Action desired ii. Appreciation iii. Willingness to help 5. Simple Claim a. Main Idea: what is wrong b. Explanation i. Give all facts of situation ii. Ask what to do with goods to be returned iii. State desired action c. Courteous (motivate action) i. Desired action may be part of close ii. Date needed iii. Appreciation/ understanding 6. Reply to simple claim (favorable) a. Grant the request b. Explanation i. What happened (avoid lots of negatives) ii. What you’ve done to correct iii. Apology iv. Resale v. What to do with damaged goods vi. Action involving the negative c. Positive, friendly close
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i. Appreciation for business
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GBA 6-29 - Routine Correspondence 1 Direct Inquiry(main...

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